Technology Overview

The Quad Video HALO Technologyâ„¢ V.3.0 features a fully branded, streamlined design that simultaneously offers electronic integration and improved adaptability across both old and new fluoroscopic guidance systems (radiology units used by specialists during procedures). The HALO 3.0 is an aftermarket device that securely clamps to these radiological systems in order for a video camera system to capture close up views of procedures/surgeries just above the sterile environment. The HALO 3.0 further enhances data transparency, resulting in expedited case settlements to create win-win for all stakeholders.

QVH 3.0 : Peace of Mind for Patients

The HALO 3.0 will enable patients to have a choice of utilizing providers, along with hospitals/surgery centers, that care enough about their patients to offer an unprecedented level of vivid transparency in the operating room environment enables SPIN to attract “the Best of the Best” affiliated specialists and associated hospitals/surgery centers.

QVH 3.0 : A More Credible Record for All Parties

For providers and counsel in the injury market, it minimizes the likelihood of fraudulent procedures while bringing a doctor’s traditional operative report to life. The HALO 3.0 provides an educational vehicle to market as we develop national and/or state approved continuing educational programs for attorneys and providers to educate them on the standards of video documentation for procedures or to train providers on carrying out various procedures.


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