more than technology

Proven business model addressing a multi-billion dollar market that is highly scalable, both geographically and demographically, with minimal overhead. SPIN has grown from 1 to multiple markets in Texas and Florida in 2 years; the first clinic achieved profitability within 18 months of operation.

a record of success

SPIN has underwritten over 4,400 procedures to date and has achieved a 93% success rate of collections once cases have been settled. On average, a case currently settles within 12 to 18 months; an acceleration of settlements is anticipated over next several quarters.

promising growth

Successful first-to-market start up in two regions, planning to add additional locations in 15 to 20 expansion markets.

Spine Pain Management, Inc. is a medical services and technology company...

SPIN overview

Spine Pain Management, Inc. (OTC QB: SPIN) is a medical services and technology company that underwrites healthcare services related to liability spine injuries. The company has developed a fast-trax™ system, utilizing its patent pending video technology to expedite case management and claims settlement, while creating comprehensive transparency of forensic data to facilitate the insurance and legal process.